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Job Title: Tenant Coordinator

(this is NOT a property management position)

Work Location: Huntington Beach 


Tenant Coordinator provides a leadership role to the performance of Tenant Coordination functions including design review, participation in “making the deals”, and project management. In cooperation with the Director of Tenant Coordination, the Tenant Coordinator will assume responsibility for assigned special projects, providing oversight of contract administration and associated consultants, assisting in assessment and allocation of tenant coordination resources, and responsible for tenant coordination of assigned properties. Tenant Coordinator will also be responsible for the tracking of all tenant activity from Letter of Intent through lease negotiation, design review through tenant construction, closeout, and approval of tenant allowances. The Tenant Coordinator must have excellent communication and teamwork skills and will be expected to set an example for exemplary performance. The Tenant Coordinator must be capable of being an independent performer who communicates and collaborates with Leasing, Asset Management, Legal, and Property Management, as necessary.

Essential functions and responsibilities:

• Provide leasing support in the timely processing and resolution of tenant space configurations, design packages, recommendations, and approval of tenant work as well as the determination and pricing of Landlord Work.
• Assist CAD Operator(s) with the maintenance and updating of leasing plans and the verification of Lease Outline Documents (L.O.D.’s)
• Provide assistance to Leasing with regard to determining scope of Tenant’s Work that will achieve the Landlord acceptable design standard. Communicate and collaborate with tenants and their consultants in a timely and effective manner as necessary.
• Assist Leasing through the development and coordination of design concepts that promote the lease-ability and viability of unique tenant programs and spaces.
• Coordinate the communication and the submission design and construction documents as required to support attaining Required Opening Dates and/or compliance with the Project Construction Completion Timeline.
• Assist Director in the oversight and administration of Tenant Coordination activities.
• Maintain consistent and thorough communication with tenants, property management and leasing to ensure that all parties are properly informed.
• Assume responsibility and oversight of special projects and manage all Tenant Coordination activities as directed and during absences by the Director.
• Maintain database for assigned tasks and projects daily.
• Distribute Design and Construction document reviews within the required timeframes. Assist in maintaining overall compliance by the department.
• Ensure that Property Management has received all corporate communication pertaining to the construction of each tenant space and is prepared to conduct a pre-construction meeting.
• Coordinate the performance of any lease required Landlord Work with the Contractors. Assist in the coordination of outside vendors as needed to facilitate the timely completion of this work.
• Collaborate with the Operations Managers regarding the performance of Tenant Work providing direction and assistance as necessary. Ensure that properties maintain and issue Construction Status reports on a weekly basis as necessary.
• Visit each assigned property on regular basis to properly coordinate tenant construction activity and maintain ample familiarity with assigned properties.
Qualifications and skills desired:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, or Construction Management or similar.
• 8 years of experience in retail tenant coordination, retail design and/or construction.
• Proven proficiency in reading and understanding construction documents, interpreting construction means and methods, and insuring compliance with building construction and project design criteria.
• Architectural registration preferred.
• Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
• Clear and concise written, verbal and graphic presentation skills.
Physical requirements:
• This position requires the ability to occasionally lift office products and supplies, up to 20 pounds. Position may also require one to stand and/or walk for up to 8 hours a day.
• This is an exempt position.
• This is a full time position.


Contact: Kipp Gillian | Gillian Executive Search, Inc | 866-600-0473x 1

    • Job type: Permanent
    • Location: Huntington Beach, CA
    • Date posted:
    • Pay:$100,000 - $120,000 per hour